Concert Schedule
(To be completed when we know more)
5/9/2020 at 2 PM
Yachats Commons, Yachats

Spring Concert South

Florence Presbyterian Church

Waldport HS Graduation

Seasonal Celebration Concert

12/14/2019: 2 PM
Yachats Commons*

Florentine Spring Concert

Commons, Florentine Estates*

Seasonal Celebration Concert

12/16/2019 7 PM
Presby Church Siuslaw, Florence

Annual Band Picnic & Potluck

10/05/2019: 12:00 PM
Yachats Commons Shelter*

Sea of Lights Festival

12/20/2019: 6 PM
Oregon Coast Aquarium

6/6/2020: 1 PM 
Waldport HS Gym

Beachcomber Days Band Concert

Waldport Senior Center

6/13/2020, 1 PM
5/02/2020 at 2 PM
Spring Concert North

5/04/2020 at 7 PM
Fall Harvest Festival Concert

10/21/2019: 7:00 PM

End of Winter Concert

3/14/2020: 2 PM
Florence Presbyterian Church

All Concerts Cancelled
Until Further Notice